Llywydd of the Senedd

The Llywydd (Welsh: [ˈɬəu̯.ɪð]), or the Presiding Officer in English, is the speaker of the Senedd in Wales, elected by Members of the Senedd to chair their meetings (plenary sessions); to maintain order; and to protect the rights of Members.

Llywydd of the Senedd
Llywydd Senedd Cymru
Elin Jones

since 11 May 2016
StyleMadam Llywydd
(elected by)
Term lengthNo limits imposed
Inaugural holderDafydd Elis-Thomas
12 May 1999
Unofficial namesPresiding Officer of the Senedd
Llywydd / Presiding Officer of the Welsh Parliament

The Llywydd also heads the Corporate Body (known as the Senedd Commission) and as such is viewed as a figurehead for the entire organisation. One Dirprwy Lywydd (or the Deputy Presiding Officer in English) is also elected to help fulfil the role. The office of the Llywydd is based in Tŷ Hywel and is also responsible for the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay. In their roles, neither the Llywydd nor the Dirprwy Lywydd are allowed to participate in Senedd votes.

Role of the Llywydd

The main function is to chair plenary sessions of the Senedd, to maintain order and to protect the rights of Members. He or she is responsible for ensuring that business is handled on the basis of equality and impartiality.

The Llywydd is also responsible for Standing Orders and is the final authority on their interpretation. The Llywydd also acts as Chair of the Senedd Commission, and has special responsibility for promoting democratic engagement, leadership, developing the Senedd's future legislative powers and external relations

Along with the Dirprwy Lywydd (Deputy Presiding Officer), they are politically responsible for all aspects of the Presiding Office to which the Standing Orders relate.

The Llywydd chairs meetings of the Panel of Subject Committee Chairs, where committee procedures and matters affecting Committee business are discussed. In addition to this, the Llywydd acts as the ambassador for the Senedd, attending speaker’s conferences and other events in order to publicise and raise the profile of the Senedd.

List of Llywydd and Dirprwy Lywydd

Current Llywydd and Dirprwy Lywydd

Position Current holder Term started Political party Constituency
Presiding Officer / Llywydd Elin Jones MS 11 May 2016 Plaid Cyrmu Ceredigion
Deputy Presiding Officer / Dirprwy Lywydd David Rees MS 12 May 2021 Labour Aberavon

List of Presiding Officers/Llywyddion

Name Picture Entered office Left office Political party Notes
The Rt Hon The Lord Elis-Thomas PC AM 12 May 1999 11 May 2011 Plaid Cymru Elected unopposed 1999,[1] re-elected unopposed 2003 and 2007
Dame Rosemary Butler DBE AM 11 May 2011 11 May 2016 Labour Elected unopposed 2011.[2]
Elin Jones MS 11 May 2016 Incumbent Plaid Cymru Elected 2016, re-elected 2021.

Beat Dafydd Elis-Thomas 34 votes to 25 with 1 abstention[3]
Beat Russell George 35 votes to 25 for re-election on 12 May 2021.

List of Deputy Presiding Officers/Dirprwy Llywyddion

Name Picture Entered office Left office Political party Notes
Jane Davidson AM 12 May 1999 17 October 2000 Labour First Assembly.

Elected unopposed.[1]Resigned from post when she became a Government Minister

John Marek AM 19 October, 2000 7 May 2003 Labour Remainder of the first Assembly

Beat Rosemary Butler 28 votes to 27[4]

7 May 2003 9 May 2007 Forward Wales Second Assembly.

Beat Peter Law 30 votes to 29[5]

Rosemary Butler AM 9 May 2007 11 May 2011 Labour Third Assembly

Elected unopposed[6]

David Melding AM 11 May 2011 11 May 2016 Conservative Fourth Assembly

Beat William Graham 46 votes to 12[2]

Ann Jones MS 11 May 2016 12 May 2021 Labour Fifth Assembly

Beat John Griffiths 30 votes to 29[3]

David Rees MS 12 May 2021 Incumbent Labour Sixth Senedd

Beat Hefin David 35 votes to 24 votes.

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