Lobengula Khumalo (c. 1845 – presumed January 1894) was the second king of the Northern Ndebele people (historically called Matabele in English). Both names in the Ndebele language mean "the men of the long shields", a reference to the Ndebele warriors' use of the Zulu shield and spear.

King of Matabeleland
(also encompassing Mashonaland)
ReignSeptember 1868 – January 1894
PredecessorMzilikazi (father)
SuccessorBulelani Lobengula (3rd great-grandson)
Bornc. 1845
DiedPresumed January 1894 (aged 4849)
c. 70 km south of the Zambezi river in Matabeleland
SpouseLozikeyi (1st royal wife), Lomalongwe (2nd royal wife)
FatherMzilikazi Khumalo, first king of the Northern Ndebele people
MotherQueen Fulatha Tshabalala

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