Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973

The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (c. 65) is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom that altered local government in Scotland on 16 May 1975.

The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973
Long titleAn Act to make provision with respect to local government and the functions of local authorities in Scotland; to amend Part II of the Transport Act 1968; and for connected purposes.
Citation1973 c. 65
Territorial extentScotland
Royal assent25 October 1973
Commencement16 May 1975
Other legislation
Amended byLocal Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (re local government areas)
Status: Current legislation

The Act followed and largely implemented the report of the Royal Commission on Local Government in Scotland in 1969 (the Wheatley Report), and it made the most far-reaching changes to Scottish local government in centuries. It swept away the counties, burghs and districts established by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1947,[1] which were largely based on units of local government dating from the Middle Ages, and replaced them with a uniform two-tier system of regional and district councils (except in the islands, which were given unitary, all-purpose councils).

In England and Wales, the Local Government Act 1972 established a similar system of two-tier administrative county and district councils.

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