Logistic function

A logistic function or logistic curve is a common S-shaped curve (sigmoid curve) with equation

Standard logistic function where


, the value of the sigmoid's midpoint;
, the curve's maximum value;
, the logistic growth rate or steepness of the curve.[1]

For values of in the domain of real numbers from to , the S-curve shown on the right is obtained, with the graph of approaching as approaches and approaching zero as approaches .

The logistic function finds applications in a range of fields, including biology (especially ecology), biomathematics, chemistry, demography, economics, geoscience, mathematical psychology, probability, sociology, political science, linguistics, statistics, and artificial neural networks. A generalization of the logistic function is the hyperbolastic function of type I.

The standard logistic function, where , is sometimes simply called the sigmoid.[2] It is also sometimes called the expit, being the inverse of the logit.[3][4]

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