London Plan

The London Plan is the statutory spatial development strategy for the Greater London area in the United Kingdom that is written by the Mayor of London and published by the Greater London Authority.[1]

The London Plan
Cover of the current London Plan
AuthorMayor of London
Cover artistPhotograph by Richard Linton
CountryEngland and United Kingdom
SubjectStatutory planning document of Greater London
PublisherGreater London Authority
Publication date
March 2021
Media typeOnline

The regional planning document was first published in final form on 10 February 2004. In addition to minor alterations, it was substantially revised and republished in February 2008[2] and again in July 2011.[3][4] In October 2013, minor alterations were made to the plan to comply with the National Planning Policy Framework and other changes in national policy.[5]

The London Plan of March 2016 was published, and amended, in January 2017.[6] The current plan has a formal end-date of 2036.

As of March 2021, a new London Plan was adopted by the Greater London Authority, planning for the next 20-25 years.[7]

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