Lorenzo Lotto

Lorenzo Lotto (c. 1480 1556/57) was an Italian painter, draughtsman, and illustrator, traditionally placed in the Venetian school, though much of his career was spent in other north Italian cities. He painted mainly altarpieces, religious subjects and portraits. He was active during the High Renaissance and the first half of the Mannerist period, but his work maintained a generally similar High Renaissance style throughout his career, although his nervous and eccentric posings and distortions represented a transitional stage to the Florentine and Roman Mannerists.

Lorenzo Lotto
Possible self-portrait, attributed to Lorenzo Lotto, 1540s, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.[1]
Lorenzo Lotto

c. 1480
Venice, Italy
Known forPainting
Notable work
Polyptych of Saint Domenico
MovementHigh Renaissance

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