Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor

Lothair III, sometimes numbered Lothair II[lower-alpha 1] and also known as Lothair of Supplinburg (1075 – 4 December 1137), was Holy Roman Emperor from 1133 until his death. He was appointed Duke of Saxony in 1106 and elected King of Germany in 1125 before being crowned emperor in Rome. The son of the Saxon count Gebhard of Supplinburg, his reign was troubled by the constant intriguing of the Hohenstaufens, Duke Frederick II of Swabia and Duke Conrad of Franconia. He died while returning from a successful campaign against the Norman Kingdom of Sicily.

Lothair III
Portrait of Lothair in the Codex Eberhardi, Fulda monastery 1150/1160
Holy Roman Emperor
Coronation4 June 1133, Rome
PredecessorHenry V
SuccessorFrederick I
King of Germany and Italy
German coronation13 September 1125, Aachen
PredecessorHenry V
SuccessorConrad III
Bornbefore 9 June 1075
Lutterloh, Duchy of Saxony
Died4 December 1137 (1137-12-05) (aged 62)
Breitenwang, Tyrol,
Duchy of Bavaria
SpouseRichenza of Northeim
IssueGertrude of Süpplingenburg
FatherGebhard of Supplinburg
MotherHedwig of Formbach

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