Lothair of France

Lothair (French: Lothaire; Latin: Lothārius; 941 – 2 March 986), sometimes called Lothair III[1] or Lothair IV,[2] was the penultimate Carolingian king of West Francia, reigning from 10 September 954 until his death in 986.

Bust of Lothair, c.1140, from the Musée Saint Rémi at Reims
King of West Francia
Reign10 September 954 – 2 March 986
Coronation12 November 954
PredecessorLouis IV
SuccessorLouis V
Died2 March 986 (aged 44)
SpouseEmma of Italy (m. 965)
IssueLouis V of France
Arnulf of Reims
FatherLouis IV of France
MotherGerberga of Saxony

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