Lotteries Act 1710

The Lotteries Act 1710 (9 Ann c 6) was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain. As enacted, it specified duties on exports of certain commodities, coal, and candles and regulated the state lottery. Section 57, the last to be repealed, reinforced the Suppression of Lotteries Act 1698 and specified a £100 fine for offenders, to be distributed one third each to the Crown, the parish poor, and the informant.

The Lotteries Act 1710[lower-alpha 1]
Long titleAn Act for reviving continuing and appropriating certain Duties upon several Commodities to be exported and certain Duties upon Coals to be waterborn and carried Coastwise and for granting further Duties upon Candles for Thirty two Years to raise Fifteen hundred thousand Pounds by way of a Lottery for the Service of the Year One thousand seven hundred and eleven and for suppressing such unlawful Lotteries and such Insurance Offices as are therein mentioned.[lower-alpha 2]
Citation9 Ann c 6
Status: Repealed
Text of statute as originally enacted

Section 14 in Ruffhead's Edition corresponds to sections 14 and 15 in The Statutes of the Realm, and later section numbers are consequently one less in Ruffhead.[3]

The penalties specified in the act for unauthorised lotteries were extended to the Kingdom of Ireland in 1756.[4]

Some of the duties ceased automatically after 32 years;[3] others were ceased by various acts from 1784 onwards.[lower-alpha 3] The 1710 act's provisions regulating the state lottery were amended by later acts[5] until it was finally abolished under the Lotteries Act 1823.

All sections of the act except section 57 were repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1867.[6]

The portions of the long title describing the provisions repealed in 1867 were deleted by the Statute Law Revision Act 1887.[lower-alpha 2]

The whole Act was repealed in Great Britain by the Betting and Lotteries Act 1934,[7] in Northern Ireland by the Betting and Lotteries Act (Northern Ireland) 1957,[8] and in the Republic of Ireland by the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956.[9]


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