Louise Michel

Louise Michel (French pronunciation: [lwiz miʃɛl] (listen); 29 May 1830 – 9 January 1905) was a teacher and important figure in the Paris Commune. Following her penal transportation to New Caledonia she embraced anarchism. When returning to France she emerged as an important French anarchist and went on speaking tours across Europe. The journalist Brian Doherty has called her the "French grande dame of anarchy."[1] Her use of a black flag at a demonstration in Paris in March 1883 was also the earliest known of what would become known as the anarchy black flag.[2]

Louise Michel
Born(1830-05-29)29 May 1830
Died9 January 1905(1905-01-09) (aged 74)
Marseille, France
OccupationRevolutionary, Teacher, Medic
Known forActivities in the Paris Commune