The Lummi (/ˈlʌmi/ LUM-ee; Lummi: Xwlemi [χʷləˈmi]; also known as Lhaq'temish (LOCK-tə‐mish), or People of the Sea[1]), governed by the Lummi Nation, are a Native American tribe of the Coast Salish ethnolinguistic group. They are based in the coastal area of the Pacific Northwest region of Washington state in the United States.

Total population
6,590 (2000)
Regions with significant populations
Whatcom County
English, Lummi
American Indian pantheism, Christianity, other
Related ethnic groups
Nooksack and other Coast Salish peoples

With a historic territory ranging from the San Juan Islands to interior foothills of the Lummi River watershed, today the federally recognized tribe primarily resides on and around the Lummi Indian Reservation slightly west of Bellingham. It takes in most of the Lummi Peninsula and Portage Island, and is in western Whatcom County, 20 miles (32 km) south of the border with Canada.

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