Macedonian Muslims

The Macedonian Muslims (Macedonian: Македонци-муслимани, romanized: Makedonci-muslimani), also known as Muslim Macedonians[3] or Torbeši (Macedonian: Торбеши), and in some sources grouped together with Pomaks,[4][5][6][7] are a minority religious group within the community of ethnic Macedonians who are Sunni Muslims (with Sufi influences being widespread among the population). They have been culturally distinct from the majority Orthodox Christian Macedonian community for centuries, and are ethnically and linguistically distinct from the larger Muslim ethnic groups in the greater region of Macedonia: the Albanians, Turks and Romanis. However, some Torbeši also still maintain a strong affiliation with Turkish identity and with Macedonian Turks.[8] The regions inhabited by these Macedonian-speaking Muslims are Debarska Župa, Oktisi, Drimkol, Reka, and Golo Brdo (in Albania).

Macedonian Muslims
Female folk dance of Macedonian Muslims in the village of Gorno Kosovrasti, near Debar
Total population
40,000–100,000[citation needed] (2010) 39,555[1][2] (1981)
Regions with significant populations
Macedonian, Turkish
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Macedonians, Pomaks, Slavic Muslims, Macedonian Turks, Bulgarians