Magnus IV of Sweden

Magnus IV (April or May 1316  – 1 December 1374; Swedish Magnus Eriksson) was King of Sweden from 1319 to 1364, King of Norway as Magnus VII (including Iceland and Greenland) from 1319 to 1355, and ruler of Scania from 1332 to 1360. By adversaries he has been called Magnus Smek (English: Magnus the Caresser).

Magnus IV & VII
Magnus on the title page of his Swedish national lawcode (issue 1430).
King of Sweden
Reign8 July 1319 – 15 February 1364
Coronation21 July 1336[1]
King of Norway
ReignAugust 1319 – 1355
PredecessorHaakon V
SuccessorHaakon VI
BornApril or May 1316
Died(1374-12-01)1 December 1374 (aged 58)
Bømlafjorden, Norway (shipwreck)
SpouseBlanche of Namur
IssueEric XII of Sweden
Haakon VI of Norway
FatherEric, Duke of Södermanland
MotherIngeborg of Norway
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Referring to Magnus Eriksson as Magnus II is incorrect. The Swedish Royal Court lists three Swedish kings before him of the same name.[2][3] A few authors do not count Magnus Nilsson as a Swedish king (though the Royal Court does) and have thus called this king Magnus III.[4] He is the second longest-reigning monarch in Swedish history, only surpassed by the current king Carl XVI Gustaf.

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