Major achievements in roller hockey by nation

This is a list of countries according to the best position achieved by athletes of these nations at major world tournaments in roller hockey. The variations of hockey included here are quad (also known as rink hockey) and inline hockey. Aside from the best results achieved at the world championships for each variation, also included are results from the World Games and the World Roller Games. Medals earned by athletes from defunct NOCs or historical teams have been merged with the results achieved by their immediate successor states, as follows: Czech Republic inherits medals from Czechoslovakia and Germany inherits medals from West Germany. Medals earned by teams from England are merged with results from Great Britain. Results achieved in youth, junior or U20 events were not considered for the making of this table, neither were para adaptations of hockey (power hockey).


Last updated after the 2017 World Roller Games
Quad hockey (FIRS) Roller in-line hockey (FIRS and IIHF)
World Cup World Games Roller Games World Championships World Games Roller Games
Rk. Nation Men Women Men Men Men (IIHF) Men (FIRS) Women Men Men Women
1 United States
2 Canada
3 Spain
4 Italy
5 Czech Republic
6 France
7 Germany
8 Portugal
9 Argentina
10 Switzerland
11 Finland
12 Brazil
13 New Zealand
14 Chile
14 Great Britain
14 Sweden
17 Austria
17 Belgium
17 Netherlands
17 Slovakia
21 Australia
21 Colombia
21 Japan

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