Major achievements in swimming by nation

This is a list of the best results achieved by athletes from different nations at four major competitions where swimming events are (or were) competed.[1] Results are based on major competitions according to FINA's historical records: the swimming and open water swimming events at the Olympic Games, the swimming and open water swimming events at the FINA World Aquatics Championships, the FINA Short Course Swimming World Championships and the defunct FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships.[2] The results listed here only refer to swimming and open water swimming events.[3][4][5] Medals earned by athletes from defunct NOCs or historical teams have been merged with the results achieved by their immediate successor states, as follows: Russia inherits medals from the Soviet Union and the Unified Team (but they are not combined in accordance with the IOC rules); Serbia inherits medals from Yugoslavia; Australia inherits medals from Australasia; and Germany inherits medals from West Germany and East Germany (they are not combined). The table is pre-sorted by total number of medals, then most gold medal results, silver medal results and bronze medal results, respectively.[6][7][8] When equal ranks are given, countries are listed in alphabetical order.[9][10][11]


Last updated after the 2019 World Aquatics Championships
World Aquatics Championships Olympic Games Short Course Worlds Open Water Worlds
Rk. Nation Long course Open water Long course Open water Short course Open water
Men Women Mixed Men Women Mixed Men Women Men Women Men Women Mixed Men Women Mixed
1 United States
2 Netherlands
2 Russia
4 Germany
4 Italy
6 Great Britain
7 Australia
8 France
9 Brazil
10 Hungary
11 Spain
12 Canada
13 China
14  Switzerland
15 Argentina
16 Japan
16 South Africa
16 Sweden
19 Ukraine
20 Poland
21 Denmark
22 Greece
22 New Zealand
24 Austria
24 Romania
26 Belgium
27 Tunisia
28 Lithuania
29 Finland
30 Serbia
31 Norway
32 Czech Republic
33 Belarus
34 Bulgaria
34 Croatia
36 Costa Rica
36 South Korea
36 Zimbabwe
39 Slovakia
39 Slovenia
41 Venezuela
42 Trinidad and Tobago
43 Kazakhstan
43 Suriname
45 Cuba
45 Jamaica
47 Ireland
47 Mexico
47 Singapore
50 Egypt
50 Israel
50 Puerto Rico
53 Algeria
53 Ecuador
53 Iceland
53 Moldova
53 Portugal
58 Bahamas
58 Faroe Islands
58 Philippines
58 Turkey

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