Major archbishop

In the Eastern Catholic Churches, major archbishop is a title for the chief hierarch of an autonomous (sui juris) particular Church that has not been "endowed with the patriarchal title".[1] Major archbishops generally have the same rights, privileges, and jurisdiction as Eastern Catholic patriarchs, except where expressly provided otherwise, and rank immediately after them in precedence of honor.[2]

Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Galicia, Sviatoslav Shevchuk

In addition to their role governing their particular Church, major archbishops, like Eastern Catholic patriarchs, are ex officio members of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches in the Roman Curia.[3] They are required to attend the annual general meeting of this congregation, as well as other sessions if they are visiting Rome or are otherwise able.[4]

There are currently four major archbishops each leading a major archiepiscopal autonomous Church.