Malta (island)

Malta is the largest of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese archipelago. It is sometimes referred to as Valletta for statistical purposes to distinguish the main island from the entire country. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea directly south of Italy and north of Libya. The island is 27 kilometres (17 mi) long and 14.5 kilometres (9 mi) wide, with a total area of 246 square kilometres (95 sq mi). The capital is Valletta, while the largest locality is Rabat. The island is made up of many small towns, which together form one larger urban zone with a population of 409,259. The landscape is characterised by low hills with terraced fields.

Satellite image of Malta
Map of Maltese islands highlighting the island of Malta
Locationsouth of Sicily, Mediterranean Sea
Coordinates35°53′N 14°27′E
ArchipelagoMaltese islands
Total islands5 islands that surround Malta
Major islandsFilfa, St Paul's Islands, Manoel Island.
Area246 km2 (95 sq mi)
Coastline197 km (122.4 mi)
Highest elevation253 m (830 ft)
Highest pointTa' Dmejrek
Capital cityValletta
Largest settlementSt. Paul's Bay (pop. 29,097)
Populationaround 500,000 (May 2021)
Pop. density1,664/km2 (4310/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsMaltese people

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