Manon Gropius

Alma Manon Anna Justina Carolina Gropius (5 October 1916 – 22 April 1935) was the daughter of the architect Walter Gropius and the composer and diarist Alma Mahler and the stepdaughter of the novelist and poet Franz Werfel.[1] She is a Randfigur (peripheral person) whose importance lies in her relationships to major figures: a muse who inspired the composer Alban Berg, as well as Werfel and the Nobel Prize-winning writer Elias Canetti. Manon Gropius is most often cited as the "angel" and dedicatee of Berg's Violin Concerto (1935).[2]

Manon Gropius
BornAlma Manon Anna Justina Carolina Gropius
(1916-10-05)5 October 1916
Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Died22 April 1935(1935-04-22) (aged 18)
Vienna, Austria
Pen nameMutzi

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