March 1893 Serbian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Serbia in early March 1893.[1] Although the People's Radical Party had won a large majority in the 1889 elections, by 1893 a Liberal government led by Prime Minister Jovan Avakumović was in place.[1]

1893 Serbian parliamentary election

 Sep 1889 March 1893 May 1893 
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Nikola Pašić Jovan Avakumović Milutin Garašanin
Party NRS Liberal Party SNS
Leader since 1882 1889 1886
Seats won
64 / 132
64 / 132
4 / 132

Prime Minister before election

Jovan Avakumović
Liberal Party

Elected Prime Minister

Lazar Dokić
People's Radical Party

The Liberals and People's Radical Party both won 64 seats, with the Progressive Party winning four.[2] However, Liberals had manipulated the elections, which would have otherwise resulted in a majority for the People's Radical Party.[3] As a result, the People's Radical Party threatened to boycott the Assembly, meaning the quorum of 68 members could not be achieved.[3]

A coup d'état was carried out by King Alexander on 13 April, with the Liberal government of Jovan Avakumović removed from office and replaced by a cabinet headed by Lazar Dokić and composed of People's Radical Party members.[4] The National Assembly was dissolved, and fresh elections called.[4]


Party Seats +/–
People's Radical Party64–46
Liberal Party64+49
Progressive Party4New
Source: The Times[2]


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