Marhaenism (Indonesian: Marhaenisme) is a socialistic political ideology originating in Indonesia. Marhaenism was formally defined as "Marxism adapted to Indonesian conditions".[1] An adherent of Marhaenism is known as a Marhaenist.

It was developed by the first President of Indonesia Sukarno.[2]

Some scholars argue that Marhaenism is a variant of Marxism.[3] It emphasizes national unity, culture, and collectivist economics. It was established as an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist ideology. It promotes democratic rights in opposition to authoritarianism, while condemning liberalism and individualism. It combines both western and eastern principles. This ideology created new principles which encourages self-sustainability of every individuals.[4] Marhaenism is the guiding ideology of the Indonesian National Party Marhaenism and the now defunct Parti Marhaen Malaysia.