Marie Wittman

Marie "Blanche" Wittman (often spelled Wittmann; April 15, 1859  1913) was a French woman known as one of the hysteria patients of Jean-Martin Charcot. She was institutionalized in La Salpêtrière in 1877 and was treated by Charcot until his death in 1893. She later became a radiology assistant at the hospital, which resulted in amputations of her arms due to radiation poisoning.

Marie Wittman
Wittman around 1880, by Albert Londe
Born(1859-04-15)April 15, 1859
Paris, France
Died1913 (aged 54)
Known forHysteria patient of Jean-Martin Charcot

Charcot's techniques were controversial; commentators have disagreed as to whether Wittman suffered from a physical condition like epileptic seizures, suffered from mass hysteria resulting from conditions at La Salpêtrière, or was merely feigning symptoms. She is depicted in A Clinical Lesson at the Salpêtrière (1887) and was the subject of a 2004 Per Olov Enquist novel.

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