Mariinsky Park

Mariyinsky Park (Ukrainian: Маріїнський парк, Mariyins'kyi park) is a park located in Pechersk neighborhood in front of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (Constitution Square), Hrushevsky Street, and Park Road. The park is also a Soviet necropolis. The park is recognized as part of the Nature Preservation Fund of Ukraine, yet its official listing is not known.[1]

Mariinsky Park
Fountain in Mariyinsky Park
Typepublic city park
LocationPechersk Raion
Nearest cityKyiv
Coordinates50°26′49″N 30°32′23″E
EtymologyMariyinsky Palace
StatusMonument of Garden Artistry
Information sign about the park

Mariyinsky park

Entrance to the park

The park is around 130 years old. It received its name from the nearby Mariyinsky Palace. Mariinsky Park was founded in 1874 near central entrance of the Palace and the money for its foundation were budgeted by the wife of the Alexander II of Russia Maria Alexandrovna (Marie of Hesse). Appearance of the park changed a lot since that time. For example, in the end of 19th century marble busts and sculptures were erected along the alley. In 1900 cast iron fountain was established and it is still there.

At first the park was called "Tsarsky" (imperial), but after the revolution this name was inappropriate and it was changed into Mariyinsky. But park had other names as well. In different periods of its history it was called Park of the victims of the revolution, Proletarian park and Soviet park. In 1970's – 1980's children's railway was functioning in the park. The last great reconstruction of Mariyinsky park took place in 2000.


Fountain in Mariinsky park

Park is located in the Pechersk Raion of Kyiv next to important government institutions such as the Parliament's building which is separated from the park by ploshcha Konstytutsii (Constitution Square). The Constitution Square is rather elongated and serves as the park's northwestern border. It runs perpendicular to vulytsia Mykhaila Hrushevskoho (Hrushevsky Street) which is the park's southwestern border. To the southeast the park is cut off by vulytsia Merezhka (Merezhko Street) and row of residential multi-story buildings. On the northeast side of the park towards Dnieper's shores runs Parkova doroha (Park Road).

Within the Mariyinsky Park is located a complex of government administration buildings that belongs to the Ministry of Health Care. To the north from the park along the Park Road are located building of former hospital for chronically sick children and a big heliport.


  • administrative buildings of Ministry of Healthcare
  • Church of Alexander Nevsky (not preserved)


  • Heroes of October Revolution
  • Participants of January Uprising
  • Nikolai Vatutin monument
  • Headstone at Andrei Ivanov's grave
  • Blossomed chestnuts monument



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