Mark Weston (athlete)

Mark Weston (born Mary Louise Edith Weston, 30 March 1905 – 29 January 1978), nicknamed "the Devonshire Wonder", was one of the best British field athletes of the 1920s. He was a national champion in the women's javelin throw and discus throw in 1929 and won the women's shot put title in 1925, 1928 and 1929.[1] At the 1926 Women's World Games he finished sixth in the two-handed shot put, where the final result was a sum of two best throws with the right hand and with the left hand.[2] Weston was born with atypical genitals due to disorder of sex development (DSD) and was assigned as female at birth and raised as a girl.[3] In April and May 1936, Weston underwent a series of corrective surgeries at the Charing Cross Hospital.[4][5]

Mark Weston
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After surgery, Weston changed his first name to Mark, retired from competitions, and later worked as a masseur.[4][5] In July 1936, Weston married Alberta Matilda Bray, and they had three children.[3]

Following his example, his elder sibling Harry (previously known as Hilda) also changed his gender presentation and name in the 1930s. Harry died by suicide by hanging while suffering from depression in 1942.[5]

Weston died in the Freedom Fields Hospital in Plymouth in 1978.[3]



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