Mary Yee

Mary Joachina Yee (née Mary Joachina Ygnacio Rowe; 1897–1965)[2][3] was a Barbareño Chumash linguist. She was the last first-language speaker of the Barbareño language, a member of the Chumashan languages that were once spoken in southern California by the Chumash people.

Mary Joachina Yee
Mary Joachina Ygnacio Rowe

Died1965 (aged 6768)
NationalityChumash, United States
Other namesMary J. Rowe[1]
Known forLast first-language speaker of the Barbareño language
ChildrenValentina Yee, Josie Yee, John Yee, Angela Yee, and Ernestine Ygnacio-De Soto
ParentLucretia García (mother)
RelativesLuisa Ygnacio (grandmother)

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