Melbourne University Football Club

Melbourne University Football Club, often known simply as University, is an Australian rules football club based at the University of Melbourne. The club fields two teams, known as the "Blacks" and "Blues", who both compete in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) in the William Buck Premier Division.

Melbourne University
Full nameMelbourne University Football Club
Nickname(s)Students, Blacks, Blues, Mugars
Club details
Founded1859; 163 years ago (1859)
Dissolved1914 (VFL)
Colours  black   blue
CompetitionVictorian AFA
    • Andrew M Donald (MUFC)
    • Nick Carah (University Blacks)
    • Tim Rourke (University Blues)
    • Cameron Roberts (University Blacks)
    • James Walker (University Blues)
    • Bede Mahon (University Blacks)
    • Hugh Vickers-Willis (University Blues)
Ground(s)University of Melbourne Main Oval
 Crawford Oval, Princes Park
Other information

The club achieved prominence by being a member of Victoria's elite competition in the early 20th century, the Victorian Football League (VFL - now AFL), between 1908 and 1914, departing after its strict policy of amateurism left it uncompetitive in an increasingly professional league.[1] It is one of only three clubs to leave the competition in its entire history. It is one of 13 clubs to have competed in both the VFA and the breakway VFL competition prior to its expansion into a national competition.

The club has also, since the 1990s, fielded a women's team (nicknamed the "Mugars") that competed at the highest level of women's competition, the Victorian Women's Football League (VWFL) and VFL Women's (VFLW) in 2016 prior to the formation of the national AFLW competition.

Although there are no records of its exact formation, University's first recorded match took place in the same month that the Castlemaine Football Club was formed, making it likely that University is the second-oldest club in Australia after the Melbourne Football Club.

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