Melchior Grodziecki

Melchior Grodziecki (c. 1582 - 7 September 1619) was a Polish Jesuit priest. He is considered a martyr and saint by the Catholic Church. He was canonized in 1995 and is liturgically commemorated on September 7th.

Melchior Grodziecki
17th-century drawing
Martyr and Saint
Bornc. 1582
Died7 September 1619
Kassa, Kingdom of Hungary
(today: Košice, Slovakia)
Venerated inPoland, Roman Catholic Church, Society of Jesus
Beatified15 January 1905, Vatican City by Pope Pius X
Canonized2 July 1995, Košice by Pope John Paul II
Major shrinePremonstratensian Church (Košice)
Feast7 September
PatronageArchdiocese of Katowice, Diocese of Bielsko–Żywiec