Members of the Northern Ireland Forum

This is a list of members of the Northern Ireland Forum. The Forum was elected in 1996. Most members were elected on a constituency basis, but the ten highest political parties winning the most votes were each allocated two top-up seats.

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110 members were elected. The Sinn Féin members did not take their seats, while the Social Democratic and Labour Party and UK Unionist Party members later withdrew.

Members are listed by party, and those parties by number of votes won.

List of members

Ulster Unionist Party (30 members)

Social Democratic and Labour Party (21 members)

Democratic Unionist Party (24 members)

Sinn Féin (17 members)

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (7 members)

UK Unionist Party (3 members)

Progressive Unionist Party (2 members)

Ulster Democratic Party (2 members)

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition (2 members)

Labour coalition (2 members)

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