Mihrimah Sultan (daughter of Suleiman I)

Mihrimah Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: مهرماه سلطان, "sun and moon" or "light of the moon", Turkish pronunciation: [mihɾiˈmah suɫˈtan]; 1522 – 25 January 1578) was an Ottoman princess, the daughter of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent and his wife, Hürrem Sultan. She was the most powerful imperial princess in Ottoman history according to historian Mustafa Selaniki who described her as the greatest and most respected princess and a prominent figure in the so-called Sultanate of Women. In Europe she was known as Sultana Cameria, while in Constantinople she was known as Büyük Sultan (the Great Sultana).

Mihrimah Sultan
Portrait by Cristofano dell'Altissimo titled Cameria Solimani, 16th century
BornAugust 1522
Old Palace, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Died25 January 1578(1578-01-25) (aged 55)
Old Palace, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
(m. 1539; died 1561)
FatherSüleyman the Magnificent
MotherHürrem Sultan
ReligionSunni Islam

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