Mike Watts

Mike Watts is an American audio engineer, mixer, and record producer, who has worked with a variety of artists including The Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw, As Cities Burn, Hopesfall, As Tall As Lions, The Dear Hunter, and Gates. Watts has owned and operates VuDu Studios in Long Island, New York.[1] for past 23 years. He graduated from the Aaron Copeland School of Music, majoring in percussion and music business. Watts opened VuDu Studios in 1997 which started as a small one room facility. As his success continued, VuDu moved into a 9,000 square foot multi-room recording compound in Port Jefferson, NY. Mike is a multi-instrumentalist with an honest and down to earth demeanor. He is trusted by many loyal signed and local artists in multiple genres.

Mike Watts
OriginNew York, United States
GenresAlternative rock, post hardcore, progressive rock, progressive metal, indie rock
Occupation(s)Mixing engineer, Record producer, Audio engineering
Years active2002–present
Associated actsThe Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions, Hopesfall, As Cities Burn

In addition to Mikes success in the recording industry, he co-owns a video company with partner Tom Flynn, that shot Lamb Of God’s “Memento Mori” and "Gears" music videos in which Mike and Tom directed. Flynn and Watts recently partnered up to create a 25 hour course on the music industry, motivational mindset and every nuance in the art of recording (to be released summer of 2021). Lastly, VuDu has expanded to offering live streaming services with their company “Rapid River Streams” that is greatly respected for its high audio and visual quality. Mike is a truly a jack of all trades and a lifetime student of his craft.

Production Credits

Year Artist Album Credits
2002 As Tall As Lions Blood and Aphorisms[2] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2004 Hopesfall A Types Engineer, Mixing
2005 As Cities Burn Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest Mixing
2005 The Almost Demos Engineer, Mixing, Production
2005 The Chariot Unsung (EP) Engineer, Mixing
2005 Yesterdays Rising Lightworker Mixing
2006 The Fold This Too Shall Pass Mixing
2006 As Tall As Lions As Tall As Lions[2] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2006 Glory of This The Lover, The Lier, The Ruse Engineer, Mixing, Production
2007 Odd Project Lovers, Fighters, Sinners, Saints Mixing
2007 Bloodjinn This Machine Runs on Empty Engineer, Producer
2007 Project 86 Rival Factions Mixing
2007 The Junior Varsity Cinematographic Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2007 The Down To Earth Approach Come Back To You Mixing, Producer
2007 Hopesfall Magnetic North[3] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2007 As Tall As Lions Into The Flood Engineer, Mixing, Production
2008 The Scenic Find Yourself Here Mixing, Producer
2008 Means To Keep Me From Sinking Mastering, Mixing, Producer
2008 1997 On The Run Engineer, Mixing
2009 The Dear Hunter Act III: Life and Death Mixing
2009 Story Of The Year Dream is Over Mixing
2010 The Scenic Bipolaroid Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2011 The Dear Hunter The Color Spectrum Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2011 Ruth Payola Mixing
2013 Gates You Are All You Have Left To Fear Mastering, Mixing
2013 K Sera Collisions and Near Misses Mixing
2013 The Dear Hunter Migrant[4] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2014 Scare Don't Fear From The Ground Up Mixing, Producer
2014 Threads All I've Ever Known Engineer, Mixing, Production
2014 Tides of Man Young and Courageous Mixing
2014 Gates Bloom and Breathe[5] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2015 Attalus Into the Sea Mixing
2015 The Dear Hunter Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise Mixing
2015 Owel Every Good Boy Engineer, Mixing, Production
2016 O'Brother Endless Light Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2016 Gates Parallel Lives Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2016 All Get Out Nobody Likes a Quitter Mixing
2016 Hail The Sun Culture Scars Engineer, Mixing, Production
2016 The Dear Hunter Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional Mixing
2016 Sparrows Let The Silence Stay Where It Was Mixing
2016 Stolas Self Titles Engineer, Mixing, Production
2016 Giraffe Tongue Orchestra Broken Lines Mixing
2016 The Dillinger Escape Plan Dissociation Engineer
2017 Crash The Calm How've You Been? Engineer
2017 Tides Of Man Everything Nothing Engineer, Mixing, Production
2017 The Dear Hunter All Is As All Should Be Mixing
2017 Glassjaw Material Control Engineer, Mixing
2018 Lume Wrung Out Engineer, Mixing, Production
2018 Nathan Hussey Hitchens Mixing
2018 Hopefall Arbiter Engineer, Mixing, Production
2018 Royal Coda Self Titled Engineer, Mixing, Production
2018 Gatherers We Are Alive Beyond Repair Engineer, Mixing, Production
2018 Eisley I'm Only Dreaming...Of Days Long Past Mixing
2018 Free Throw What's Past is Prologue Mixing
2018 All Get Out No Bouquet Engineer, Mixing, Production
2018 Covet effloresce[6] Producer
2019 The End of the Ocean Aire Mixing
2019 Natalie and the Damn Shandys Overlook Trail: Part 1 Engineer, Mixing, Production
2019 Covet Acoustics Engineer, Mixing, Production
2019 Kurt Travis There's A Place I Want to Take You Engineer, Mixing, Production
2019 Royal Coda Compassion Engineer, Mixing, Production
2019 Yvette Young Solo Piano EP Engineer, Mixing, Production
2019 Nova Charisma Exposition 2 Engineer, Mixing, Production
2020 Covet Technicolor Mixing, Producer
2020 Hopefall Hall of the Sky Mixing,Production
2020 Kevin Devine Forthcoming EP Engineer
2020 Shy Low Forthcoming EP Engineer, Mixing, Production
2020 The Dear Hunter Forthcoming EP Engineer (Drums)
2020 Donovan Melero Forthcoming Solo EP Engineer, Mixing, Production
2020 Donovan Melero That City Engineer, Mixing, Production
2020 Skyler Heyo Engineer, Mixing, Production
2020 Andres Live Performance Mixing
2020 Kurt Travis Live Performance Mixing
2020 Hail The Sun Live Performance Mixing
2020 The Dear Hunter Honorary Astronaut EP.001 Mixing