Gambia Armed Forces

The Gambia Armed Forces, also known as the Armed Forces of The Gambia,[2] consists of three branches: the Gambia National Army (GNA), the Gambia Navy, and the Republican National Guards (RNG). It formerly included the Gambia National Gendarmerie (GNG) from the 1980s to 1996, when they were moved under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior. The commander-in-chief is the President of the Gambia who is currently Adama Barrow, whereas practical control is exercised by the Chief of the Defence Staff who is currently Lieutenant General Masaneh Kinteh.

Gambia Armed Forces
The Gambian flag
MottoServing the nation with pride
Current form1996
Service branches
  • Gambia National Army
  • Gambia Navy
  • National Republican Guard
Commander-in-ChiefAdama Barrow
Minister of DefenceSheikh Omar Faye[1]
Chief of the Defence StaffYankuba Drammeh
Military age18 for voluntary service
Available for
military service
311,025 males, age 18–49,
316,214 females, age 18–49
Fit for
military service
183,057 males, age 18–49,
194,551 females, age 18–49
Percent of GDP0.5%
Foreign suppliers China
 South Africa
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