Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanilli was a German-French R&B duo from Munich. The group was founded by Frank Farian in 1988 and consisted of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. Their debut album, All or Nothing in Europe, reconfigured as Girl You Know It's True in the United States, achieved international success and brought them a Grammy Award for Best New Artist on 21 February 1990.[2]

Milli Vanilli
Fab Morvan (left) and Rob Pilatus (right) with NARAS president C. Michael Greene (center), February 1990
Background information
Also known asRob & Fab
OriginMunich, Germany
Years active
  • 1988–1990
  • 1997–1998
Associated acts
Past membersMilli Vanilli
Fab Morvan
Rob Pilatus
Session members
Charles Shaw
Brad Howell
John Davis
Jodie Rocco[1]
Linda Rocco
Frank Farian

They became one of the most popular pop acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with millions of records sold. However, their success turned to infamy when it was discovered that Morvan and Pilatus did not sing any of the vocals on their music releases. They ended up returning their Grammy Award for Best New Artist.[3][4][5] They recorded a comeback album in 1998 titled Back and in Attack, but its release was cancelled after Rob Pilatus died at the age of 32.[6]