Minimoog Voyager

The Minimoog Voyager or Voyager is a monophonic analog synthesizer, designed by Robert Moog and released in 2002[1] by Moog Music. The Voyager was modeled after the classic Minimoog synthesizer that was popular in the 1970s, and is meant to be a successor to that instrument.[3]

Minimoog Voyager
ManufacturerMoog Music
Dates2002[1] – 2015[2]
PriceUS$2995 – US$4995
Technical specifications
Oscillator3 VCOs
LFOindependent LFO
Synthesis typeAnalog Subtractive
Filterdual lowpass or highpass/lowpass
with cutoff, resonance, spacing
ADSR envelope generator,
keyboard tracking
AttenuatorADSR envelope generator
Aftertouch expressionyes
Velocity expressionyes
Storage memory128 presets
expandable to 896
Effects2 modulation busses
Keyboard44-note with velocity
and aftertouch sensitivity
Left-hand controlpitch bend and mod wheels
External controlMIDI, 14 CV/Gate inputs