Minister President of Prussia

The office of Minister-President (German: Ministerpräsident), or Prime Minister, of Prussia existed from 1848, when it was formed by King Frederick William IV during the 1848–49 Revolution, until the abolition of Prussia in 1947 by the Allied Control Council.

Minister-President of Prussia
Coat of arms of Prussia
Longest serving
Otto von Bismarck

23 September 1862–1 January 1873
9 November 1873–20 March 1890
AppointerKing of Prussia (1848–1918)
Landtag of Prussia (1918–1933)
PrecursorChief minister of Prussia
Formation19 March 1848
First holderAdolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg
Final holderHermann Göring
Abolished23 April 1945

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