Minister of Foreign Affairs (Norway)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs (Bokmål: Utenriksministeren, Nynorsk: Utanriksministeren) is a councilor of state and chief of the Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 14 October 2021, the position has been held by Anniken Huitfeldt of the Labour Party.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway
Anniken Huitfeldt

since 14 October 2021
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Member ofCouncil of State
SeatVictoria Terrasse, Oslo
NominatorPrime Minister of Norway
With approval of Parliament
Term lengthNo fixed length
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Norway
Formation7 June 1905
First holderJørgen Løvland
SuccessionSecond to Prime Minister
DeputyState secretaries at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
WebsiteOfficial website

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, based at Victoria Terrasse, Oslo, is responsible for Norway's relation with foreign countries, including diplomacy and diplomatic missions, trade, foreign aid and cooperation with international organisations. Except during the four in which a Deputy of the Prime Minister of Norway was appointed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs ranks second in the cabinet after the Prime Minister and is his deputy.[1]

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