Ministry of Economy (Serbia)

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Министарство привреде, romanized: Ministarstvo privrede) is the ministry in the Government of Serbia which is in the charge of economy. The current minister is Goran Knežević, in office since 11 August 2016.

Ministry of Economy
Министарство привреде
Ministarstvo privrede
Ministry overview
Formed3 March 2004; 17 years ago (2004-03-03)
Preceding Ministry
JurisdictionGovernment of Serbia
HeadquartersKneza Miloša street 20, Belgrade, Serbia
44°48′25.5″N 20°27′40.8″E
Employees207 (2017)[1]
Annual budget196.37 million (2020, planned)[2]
Minister responsible
Deputy Ministers responsible
  • Dragan Stevanović
  • Milun Trivunac
  • Dragan Grgurević
  • Branimir Stojanović


The Ministry of Economy was established on 3 March 2004 after the dissolution of the Ministry of Privatization and Economic Reconstruction which existed from 1991 to 2004.

The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations which existed from 1991 to 2007, merged into the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development in 2007.

Over the years, it has changed many secondary areas of its jurisdiction. Regional development was added in 2007, and later the Ministry of National Investment Plan merged into the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development in 2011.

The Ministry of Economy was reunified from 2012 to 2013 with the Ministry of Finance under Mlađan Dinkić. At the same time, Regional Development was joined with the Local-Self Government into unified ministry (later Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government).

In 2013, Ministry of Economy was once again split from Finance under Saša Radulović.


There are several sectors operating within the Ministry:

  • Sector for economic development
  • Item list with tags
  • Sector for development of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship
  • Sector for quality infrastructure
  • Sector for international cooperation and European integration
  • Sector for privatization and bankruptcy
  • Sector for control, supervision and administrative affairs in the field of public enterprises and business registers
  • Sector for investments in infrastructure projects

Subordinate institutions

There are several agencies and institutions that operate within the scope of the Ministry:

  • Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals
  • Agency for Business Registers
  • Development Agency of Serbia
  • Accreditation body of Serbia
  • Institute for Standardization of Serbia
  • Agency for licensing of bankruptcy administrators
  • Insurance and Financing Agency of Serbia
  • Agency for the conduct of disputes in the privatization process
  • Development Fund

List of ministers

Political Party:   DSS   G17 Plus   URS   SNS   n-p

No. Portrait MinisterTook officeLeft officeTime in officePartyCabinet
Minister of Economy
Maršićanin, DraganDragan Maršićanin
(born 1950)
3 March 200410 May 200468 daysDSSKoštunica I
Simović, ZoraZora Simović
(born 1951)
10 May 200419 October 2004162 daysDSSKoštunica I
Bubalo, PredragPredrag Bubalo
(born 1954)
19 October 200415 May 20072 years, 208 daysDSSKoštunica I
Economy and Regional Development
Dinkić, MlađanMlađan Dinkić
(born 1964)
15 May 200721 February 20113 years, 282 daysG17 PlusKoštunica II
Matić, JasnaJasna Matić
(born 1964)
21 February 201114 March 201121 daysG17 PlusCvetković
Ćirić, NebojšaNebojša Ćirić
(born 1974)
14 March 201127 July 20121 year, 135 daysG17 PlusCvetković
Minister of Finance and Economy
Dinkić, MlađanMlađan Dinkić
(born 1964)
27 July 20122 September 20131 year, 37 daysURSDačić
Minister of Economy
Radulović, SašaSaša Radulović
(born 1965)
2 September 201324 January 2014144 daysIndependentDačić
Mirović, IgorIgor Mirović
(born 1968)
24 January 201427 April 201493 daysSNSDačić
Vujović, DušanDušan Vujović
(born 1960)
27 April 20144 August 201499 daysIndependentVučić I
Vujović, DušanDušan Vujović
(born 1960)
4 August 20143 September 201430 daysIndependentVučić I
Sertić, ŽeljkoŽeljko Sertić
(born 1968)
3 September 201411 August 20161 year, 343 daysSNSVučić I
Knežević, GoranGoran Knežević
(born 1957)
11 August 201628 October 20204 years, 78 daysSNSVučić II
Atanasković, AnđelkaAnđelka Atanasković
(born 1958)
28 October 2020Incumbent230 daysSNSBrnabić II

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