Minister of Finance (Northern Ireland)

The Minister of Finance (de facto Deputy Prime Minister) was a member of the Executive Committee of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland (Cabinet) in the Parliament of Northern Ireland which governed Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1972. The post was combined with that of the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland for a brief period in 1940 – 41 and was vacant for two weeks during 1953, following the death of incumbent Minister John Maynard Sinclair. The Office was often seen as being occupied by the Prime Minister's choice of successor. Two Ministers of Finance went on to be Prime Minister, while two more, Maginness and Jack Andrews were widely seen as possible successors to the Premiership.

# Name Took office Prime Minister Party
1. Hugh MacDowell Pollock 7 June 1921 Craigavon UUP
2. J. M. Andrews 21 April 1937 Craigavon, Andrews UUP
3. John Milne Barbour 16 January 1941 Andrews UUP
4. John Maynard Sinclair 6 May 1943 Brookeborough UUP
Vacant 31 January 1953 Brookeborough N/A
5. Brian Maginess 13 February 1953 Brookeborough UUP
6. George Boyle Hanna 20 April 1956 Brookeborough UUP
7. Terence O'Neill 21 September 1956 Brookeborough UUP
8. Jack Andrews 25 March 1963 O'Neill UUP
9. Ivan Neill 22 July 1964 O'Neill UUP
10. Herbert Kirk 2 April 1965 O'Neill, Chichester-Clark, Faulkner UUP