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local mFor = require('Module:For') local mArguments = require('Module:Arguments') local p = {}

function p.forFoo (frame) local args = mArguments.getArgs(frame, {parentOnly = true} ) local target if args[1] then target = args[1] else local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text local titles = { mw.ustring.lower(mw.ustring.sub(title, 1, 1)) .. mw.ustring.sub(title, 2), title } local forms = frame.args for k, v in ipairs(forms) do for i, j in pairs(titles) do local lookup = string.format(v, j) if, 0).exists then target = lookup break end end if target then break end end target = target or string.format(forms[1], title) end

return mFor._For({frame.args.what, target}) end return p

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