Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek

The Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek or in popular language Molenbeek (English: Millbrook-Ter Erpenbrook) is a brook in the Denderstreek, Belgium. The stream has a length of approximately 25 kilometers. The source of the Molenbeek is in Godveerdegem and the delta is located at Hofstade. This brook is not to be confused with another Molenbeek which also flows through Erpe-Mere (and Herzele).

Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek
East Flanders, in color the municipalities of the basin of the Molenbeek-Ter Erpenbeek.
Physical characteristics
Dender in Hofstade
50.9549°N 4.0320°E / 50.9549; 4.0320
Length25 km (16 mi)
Basin size54.74 km2 (21.14 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionDenderScheldtNorth Sea