Mongolian Revolution of 1921

The Mongolian Revolution of 1921 (Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1921, or People's Revolution of 1921) was a military and political event by which Mongolian revolutionaries, with the assistance of the Soviet Red Army, expelled Russian White Guards from the country, and founded the Mongolian People's Republic in 1924. Although nominally independent, the Mongolian People's Republic was a satellite state of the Soviet Union until a third Mongolian revolution in January 1990. The revolution also ended the Chinese Beiyang government's occupation of Mongolia, which had begun in 1919. The official Mongolian name of the revolution is "People's Revolution of 1921" or simply "People's Revolution" (Mongolian: Ардын хувьсгал).

Mongolian Revolution of 1921
Part of the Revolutions of 1917–1923 and the Eastern Front of the Russian Civil War

Back row from left: ?, ?, Rinchingiin Elbegdorj, Soliin Danzan, Damdin Sükhbaatar, Ajvaagiin Danzan, Boris Shumyatsky, ?, Dogsomyn Bodoo
Date1 March – 11 July 1921

Mongolian communist victory

Mongolian People's Party
Supported by:
Russian Reds
Russian Whites


Supported by:
Commanders and leaders
D. Sükhbaatar
K. Choibalsan
D. Bodoo
D. Dogsom
D. Losol
S. Danzan
A. Danzan
R. Elbegdorj
V. Blyukher
Bogd Khan
Baron Ungern
Duan Qirui
Xu Shuzheng