Monowai Power Station

The Monowai Power Station, fed by the Monowai River from Lake Monowai in Southland, New Zealand, was one of the earliest hydroelectric power stations in the country. Originally commissioned in 1925, it was refurbished between 2005 and 2007 and now contains modern turbines and plant, though the original buildings are still in use.[1]

Monowai Power Station
Stumps from dead trees that were drowned when the lake level was raised in the 1920s
Location of Monowai Power Station in New Zealand
CountryNew Zealand
Coordinates45°48′42.1″S 167°31′20.6″E
Construction began1920
Opening date1925
Owner(s)Southland Electric Power Board (1920-1936)
Southland Electrical Power Supply (1936-1993)
The Power Company (1993-1999)
Trustpower (1999-2002)
Pioneer Energy (2002-present day)
Operator(s)Pioneer Energy
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarth
ImpoundsMonowai River
CreatesLake Monowai
Surface area31 km2 (12 sq mi)
Normal elevation180 m (590 ft)
Monowai Power Station
Coordinates45°46′32.5″S 167°36′59.7″E
Operator(s)Pioneer Energy
Hydraulic head154 ft (47 m)
Installed capacity7.6 MW (10,200 hp)
Annual generation40 GWh (140 TJ)
Pioneer Energy website

Before its refurbishment, the station produced 6.3 megawatts (8,400 hp) and 35–40 gigawatt-hours (130–140 TJ) of electricity per year.[2] Generating capacity has now increased to 7.6 MW.[1]