Mont des Arts

The Mont des Arts (French, pronounced [mɔ̃dɛzaʁ]) or Kunstberg (Dutch, pronounced [ˈkʏnzdbɛr(ə)x] (listen)), meaning "Hill/Mount of the Arts", is an urban complex and historic site in central Brussels, Belgium, including the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), the National Archives of Belgium, the Square – Brussels Meeting Centre, and a public garden.

Mont des Arts (in French)
Kunstberg (in Dutch)
The spire of Brussels' Town Hall seen from the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg
LocationCity of Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
Coordinates50°50′38″N 04°21′24″E
ArchitectMaurice Houyoux, Jules Ghobert
René Péchère (garden)
Architectural style(s)Modernism
WebsiteOfficial website
Location of the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg
Mont des Arts (Belgium)

This site is located between the Rue Montagne de la Cour/Hofbergstraat and the Place Royale/Koningsplein in its "upper" part, and the Boulevard de l'Empereur/Keizerslaan and the Place de l'Albertine/Albertinaplein in its "lower" part. It is served by Brussels Central Station.

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