High School of Montreal

The High School of Montreal was an English-language high school founded in 1843, serving Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the area eventually known as the Golden Square Mile. It was less formally known as Montreal High School and from 1853 to 1870 was called the High School of McGill College, or the High School Division.

High School of Montreal

Coordinates45.50615°N 73.57484°W / 45.50615; -73.57484
TypeHigh school
MottoLatin: Corpori, Menti, Moribus[1]
(Body, mind, and behavior)
EstablishedNovember 1843
ClosedJune 1979
GenderBoys and girls
Age5 to 18
PublicationThe High School Magazine
Former pupilsHigh School of Montreal alumni

Founded as a school for boys only, girls were first admitted in 1875, although to a separate division called the High School for Girls, and a new building shared by both was opened in 1878. In its last century, the school took children from the first to the twelfth grades. In 1915, after occupying several different sites, the school moved into a new neoclassical building on University Street, near the campus of McGill University. Girls and boys were taught in separate wings of the building and were also apart for school sports, but came together for some activities. The two divisions were united into a single school in 1965.

The school closed in June 1979, largely as the result of a decline in the English-speaking population.[2] Soon after, the mostly French-speaking F.A.C.E. School moved into its empty premises,[3] to be joined by the MIND High School on the third floor.