Moray Firth

The Moray Firth (/ˈmʌrifɜːrθ/; Scottish Gaelic: An Cuan Moireach, Linne Mhoireibh or Caolas Mhoireibh) is a roughly triangular inlet (or firth) of the North Sea, north and east of Inverness, which is in the Highland council area of north of Scotland. It is the largest firth in Scotland, stretching from Duncansby Head (near John o' Groats) in the north, in the Highland council area, and Fraserburgh in the east, in the Aberdeenshire council area, to Inverness and the Beauly Firth in the west. Therefore, three council areas have Moray Firth coastline: Highland to the west and north of the Moray Firth and Highland, Moray and Aberdeenshire to the south. The firth has more than 800 kilometres (about 500 miles) of coastline, much of which is cliff.

Moray Firth
Moray Firth
Location in Scotland
Map of the Firth
LocationScotland, United Kingdom
Coordinates57°50′N 03°35′W
Official nameInner Moray Firth
Designated22 July 1999
Reference no.1002[1]

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