Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is a day honouring mother churches,[1] the church where one is baptised and becomes "a child of the church", celebrated since the Middle Ages[2] in the United Kingdom, Ireland and some Commonwealth countries on the fourth Sunday in Lent. On Mothering Sunday, Christians have historically visited their mother church—the church in which they received the sacrament of baptism.[1][3]

Mothering Sunday
ObservancesVisiting the local mother church or the church in which one was baptized; honouring one's mother[1]
Date4th Sunday in Lent
2022 date27 March
2023 date19 March
2024 date10 March
2025 date30 March
Related toLaetare Sunday, Lent

Constance Adelaide Smith revived its modern observance beginning in 1913 to honour Mother Church, 'mothers of earthly homes', the Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus), and Mother Nature.[4] It gained popularity in response to the originally American Mother's Day.[5] The holiday is often known as "Mother's Day" in the United Kingdom, and has become a secular celebration of mothers and motherhood.

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