Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland is the National Governing Body for four-wheeled motorsports in the Republic of Ireland. Motorsport Ireland is affiliated to the supreme authority for world motorsport, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) based in Geneva and Paris.

Irish Motorsport Federation Limited
TypeSports federation for auto racing
Headquarters34 Dawson Street, Dublin 2
  • Dublin, Ireland
Region served
Republic of Ireland
34 affiliated motor clubs
John Naylor
Main organ
MI Council
Parent organization
Royal Irish Automobile Club

Motorsport Ireland jurisdiction covers the 26 counties and has under its umbrella 34 affiliated motor clubs that are the actual organisers of all sporting events. In each year there are approximately 230 events listed in the official calendar and these cover 11 different branches of the sport.[1] On average, each year Motorsport Ireland issues over 4,000 Competition Licences to Motorsport.

It is not concerned with motorcycle racing, the governing body is Motorcycling Ireland.


Motorsport Ireland was established in 2005 by the Royal Irish Automobile Club (RIAC), an organisation that has been in charge of motor sports in the Republic of Ireland since 1901. The RIAC is the holder of the sporting power on behalf of the FIA in Ireland. This power is delegated on an annual basis to Motorsport Ireland.[2]


The FIA recognises in each of its affiliated countries, one sole authority that holds the sporting power and in the Republic of Ireland it is the Motorsport Ireland. As such it is responsible for all governance and administration aspects of motorsport organization, as well as controlling the technical, safety and sporting aspects across the various disciplines.

Motorsport Ireland is the licensing authority for race officials, marshals, racing drivers, event organisers as well as media representatives.

Licensing and training

Every person wishing to compete in one of the motorsport events must be the holder of a relevant license issued by Motorsport Ireland or by another national governing body affiliated to the FIA. The licenses are issued once the basic requirements are met and the relevant training has been completed.

Competitor Training
Introduction to Motorsport
Introduction to Rallying
Introduction to Circuit Racing
Introduction to Karting
Race Officials
Senior Officials
Coach Training
Stage Commanders
Standard Marshals
Sector Marshals
Fire Marshals