Motya was an ancient and powerful city on San Pantaleo Island off the west coast of Sicily, in the Stagnone Lagoon between Drepanum (modern Trapani) and Lilybaeum (modern Marsala). It is within the present-day commune of Marsala, Italy.

Shown within Sicily
Motya (Italy)
LocationMarsala, Sicily, Italy
Coordinates37°52′06″N 12°28′07″E
Site notes
ConditionIn ruins
Position of Motya
The Motya Charioteer (5th century BC)

Many of the city's impressive ancient monuments have been excavated and can be admired today.[1]

Motya has become known recently for the[2] marble statue of the Motya Charioteer,[3] found in 1979 and on display at the local Giuseppe Whitaker museum.[4]