Mount Dobson

Mount Dobson is a ski resort in the South Island of New Zealand. Located 2.25 hours from Christchurch and 3 hours from Queenstown, it claims an easy access road, the highest car park of any ski resort in New Zealand, and the earliest start to the season in 2006. It features a chair lift, a T-bar and a beginner's ski tow, serving 14 trails over an area of 400 hectares (990 acres). The resort caters primarily at skiers of intermediate ability, with a 1:2:1 ratio of beginner/intermediate/advanced slopes.

The resort is situated in a 3 kilometre wide treeless bowl, facing south west between Fairlie and Tekapo. Other features include a natural half pipe, the "largest, sunniest learner/intermediate slope in New Zealand"[citation needed] and groomed main trails. There is no accommodation at the resort, and visitors are directed to nearby Fairlie.

The skifield was put up for sale in 2014.[1]


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