Movement Systems Drum Computer

The Movement Drum System I/II (generally referred to as the Movement MCS Percussion Computer) is a very rare British-made drum machine produced approximately between 1981 (MKI) and 1983 (MKII). Around 10 MKI were built and 50 MKII. The Movement was exceptionaly futuristic for its time. The Movement was famously used by Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) on "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"

Movement Systems Drum Computer
Sir Ruff's Movement Drum Computer II at Knobcon, 2014. The garbled ASCII display was the result of intermittent OS booting issues. Of the few MSC-2s currently in existence, most have technical issues.
DeveloperJohn Dickenson
Dave Goodway
Release date1981 (MKI); 1983 (MKII) (1981 (MKI); 1983 (MKII))[1]

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