Movement of Socialists

The Movement of Socialists (Serbian: Покрет социјалиста, romanized: Pokret socijalista; abbr. ПС or PS) is a minor nationalist political party in Serbia.

Movement of Socialists
Покрет социјалиста
Pokret socijalista
LeaderAleksandar Vulin
Founded7 August 2008 (2008-08-07)
Split fromSocialist Party of Serbia
National affiliationFor Our Children
National Assembly
3 / 250
Assembly of Vojvodina
3 / 120


Founded in 2008, it is currently led by Aleksandar Vulin, a former member of Yugoslav Left. It is a part of the governing coalition with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). It is formed by former members of the Socialist Party of Serbia because they disagreed with the pro-EU policy of the party.

However, it was a member of the pro-EU SNS-led coalitions in the 2012 parliamentary election (as part of Let's Get Serbia Moving alliance) and in the 2014 parliamentary election.

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