Museo Cruz Herrera

Museo José Cruz Herrera is a museum in La Línea de la Concepción, Spain. Established in 1975, it is named after José Cruz Herrera who is known for his portraits.

Museo Cruz Herrera
Museo Cruz Herrera
Coordinates36°09′37.2″N 5°21′03.8″W
TypeArt museum, Design/Textile Museum, Historic site


The idea for the museum happened in the artist's lifetime as it built on his strong relationship with his place of birth. After he died in 1972, his children completed the project adding works that they owned to the 100 identified for the inaugural collection. The museum was in the Casa de la Cultura within the Plaza de Fariñas which opened on 6 April 1975, but since January 2016 has moved to its current location.[1] The museum has over 201 of Cruz Herrera's works which are sorted into four rooms under the titles of "First epoch", "Andalusian", "Arab" and "Anthology".[2]


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